So........Cavalry are soldiers mounted on horseback. They are lightly armoured but heavily armed! They would carry both sword and Carbines (guns, like shortened muskets) and would be able to shoot and sword fight at great speed and with great accuracy. 

During the Civil war period cavalry troops would normally ride in groups of 60 to 100 men and would ride in ranks. They rode in close formation and even in the heat of battle, they were expected to keep the close formation, charge at the opposition, engage and move away without breaking ranks.

Now, even though we would love to ride in a troop of 60 to 100 other soldiers it is not really achievable in a re enactment scenario, normally room is fairly restricted and we have to think about everyone's safety at any of the events we do. Normally we have a minimum of 5 riders to a maximum of 9 per event. We take part in regular training days and weekends to make sure that we can do what we do in a controlled and safe way ( and also fine tune our to look good out there!). We use regular horse suppliers so we try to use familiar horses as much as possible.


fancy joining us? 

If you think that this is something that you would like to have a go at, fill out the enquiry form on this site, drop us a message on Facebook or email us and have a chat. We are always looking for riders and helpers on foot so that an event can run as smoothly as possible. We normally camp for the whole event, are very sociable and enjoy fun and laughter. For more information get in touch.